Welcome to my gallery. I have to say, in my paints no bee venom. My canvas and board are not brought to the Amazon by a special flight, and I'm writing only by brush. My dear friend, you are probably here because you appreciate true art, rather than the contemporary likeness, in which we are similar.Follow me, and I will guide you to the most beautiful places in Ukraine, will introduce in the portraits of interesting people and opened the curtain magically beautiful art.Painting ... Follow me, my friend. Follow me and I will share with you the amazing that it was able to capture on canvas, equaling solely on the classical masters. I stopped a moment to enjoy it. Frozen dance yellowed sheet flapping wing migratory birds or a glimpse ...

Forgive me, my friend, but eventually the genre composition, still life or landscape - this is my self-portrait. This world through my eyes. But there is also something more meaningful. If a good peer, there you are. You are the artist. Only now your paint - it is emotion and feelings.Here the fears hidden in an old snag, and between the petals of chrysanthemum wrapped herself love. Tenderness adorned with crimson fruit and passion boldly ruffled branches.

Sometimes I give the history of the painting or sketch, telling that accompanies a particular track. This is my track record, that's what inspires canvas and paint. This is what pushes me to revive the spot, shapes and lines. It is like the soul, fills life with our bodies.But most of all, my work appears on the canvas in a kind of trance, and to understand it, we can only together. Tell me what you feel when you look at my work.But it then, as now ....Welcome, my dear friend, to the gallery of Vadim Goryanskiy.

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